Clarity with Compliance
Marketing in a regulated industry doesn’t have to mean restriction—for Olympus, it drives creative thinking. This means understanding all current regulations and adapting existing policies for a more dynamic marketplace. It also means pioneering new ways of marketing that remain personal while still following the rules.

Objective-Based Public Relations
In today’s digital world, it’s important not only to generate awareness, but to make sure there’s always a compelling story to tell. From product launches and case studies to trade show coverage and feature articles, Olympus’s PR program was built to make an impact and transcend borders thanks to a firm strategic foundation.

A Presence on the World Stage
Following a long-standing culture of embracing new technologies, Olympus’s industrial and life sciences divisions took to social media to begin a new conversation with customers all over the world. How? By cultivating an engaged online community and providing value, first and foremost.