91.3 WLVR

Not all NPR stations are created equal.

For years, regional NPR listeners had been tuning in through stations bleeding in from adjacent markets or smaller stations only serving NPR programming a few hours a week.

Awareness was needed of a new go-to source for NPR—a place to tune in any time of day for stories from around the world, the country, and the community.

91.3 WLVR



By using the iconic NPR color blocks and short, evocative copy to tell a story of critical news coverage, this campaign established 91.3 WLVR as the Lehigh Valley’s first choice for NPR.

It told local NPR fans that this is their station. It created a compelling reason for listeners to tune in to 91.3 WLVR—all day, every day.

91.3 WLVR